Partners Ghadeer Taher and Joumana Jallad, share a passion for jewelry and a strikingly similar view on aesthetics. Driven by a mutual appreciation for elegance and style, their aim was to create a modern jewelry line that embodies an ethos of uncomplicated luxury.  Their common vision for fine detailing, creativity in design, uncompromised craftsmanship has proved to be a  success and Stone Fine jewelry today delivers a luxurious fluidity. 

Cut from the same cloth, the founders bring an invigorating energy to the brand and have a unique perspective on reinterpreting “the classics” of jewelry design.   Their pursuit of excellence – in design, technique, setting – and in everything they do has earned the trust of many in the region.  For twelve years they have brought their clients pieces that evoke a magical sensuality. 

They continue to leverage their diverse experiences and careers (Taher in the world of political journalism and Jallad in the world of finance) to build the mission of the brand and manage the varied facets of the business.  They proudly lead a team of exceptional and passionate  women who are dedicated to caring for their customers globally and share their strong commitment to and belief in the brand.  Their hope is to inspire and empower more women as they grow.