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Stone Fine Jewelry brings beautiful, fine, and timeless jewelry for the discerning women who do not want to compromise on quality and craftsmanship.  Our fine jewelry line, launched in 2010 is elegantly designed and offers a collection of pieces ranging from day to evening-wear.  The stone signature collection is wearable, on trend, and has just the right amount of bling.  The stone couture collection is rich and sophisticated, with statement pieces that are set with carved jades, emeralds, sapphires, precious stones and typically embody an art deco and vintage style.

Stone Fine Jewelry started in Jordan but the collections are coveted in the region and beyond. Its success is a reflection that jewelry buying has become an increasingly personal interpretation of style.  “Customers today are savvy and enjoy wearing different and more unique pieces. At stone, we give them the choice to reflect their individuality and style. We focus on pieces that would not only be worn today but ones that would be passed on or enjoyed for a long time to come” says co-founder Ghadeer Taher Said.

“Because we had diverse careers, we know what women like and what feels right from a style and price point perspective.  The store is predominantly home to our fine jewelry line, but we also curate designers who stir our hearts and minds with their artistic ability, style and quality," says co-founder Joumana Jallad Shanshal.  "We always look to new styles that have a timeless component in their ethos when we design our pieces.  Our collection is widely varied and speaks to each person differently. We have customers who appreciate art deco inspired pieces with elegant and sharp lines, and those who are seeking a fresh and modern interpretation of traditional jewelry designs,” they added.


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