Diamonds Multi-Sticks Earring

Bright Lights

Bright Lights is contemporary with a twist. From spiral rings, twist and turn bracelets, and diamond chokers, the pieces have fluidity and edge. Coveted from the start, Stone’s diamond “candies,” signature of the brand right from the beginning, are perfect for layering and come in various sizes in rounds and pears and in special cut shapes including triangles and hearts.

Vintage Champagne Diamonds Tassel Pendant

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is dynamic, strong and could be playful. The diverse possibilities of the collections’ long chains, combined with white and brown diamonds, turquoise, rubies and sapphires as well as intricate enamel colors allows women endless possibilities to express their individuality. Multiple gems combined with old world chains make every piece unique and changing with every new charm.

Diamond And Onyx Earrings

Couture Stone

Couture Stone is beautifully handcrafted and each piece is unique. Full of color, jades, onyxes are set with white diamonds against white and rose gold. Although the brand’s most eclectic collection, it is distinctively stone with its statement earrings and rings characterized by their dynamic statement and beauty. 

Chandelier Earrings Version 1

Emerald Envy

Emerald Envy is everything green, whether set with white diamonds on white gold, yellow or black 18 kt gold, these handcrafted pieces using rich Zambian emeralds, are distinguished for their statement appeal. The collection’s black gold pieces give classic design, including revieres and band rings, a definite edge. Even small dainty emerald necklaces, earrings, and ear cuffs have a strong impact. 

Large Round on Round Earrings


Re-evolve, launched 2010, is Stone’s most iconic collection reflecting the brands ethos of luxurious designs and craftsmanship. The collection’s name emanates from the pieces’ circular motion whether the shapes or pave patterns and their ability to transition from day to evening wear evolving with the Stone women’s individual personal style.  Contemporary yet timeless the fluidity of the collection is coveted as an essential part of a woman’s jewelry box.